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30 years experience

Maximize your profits.

Quantifiable savings with CPR®. Customer Profit Reinforcement (CPR) is a ROI tool globally used with hundreds of customers to maximize their companies profitability by optimizing their machines and offering cost reduction with quantifiable metrics.

How does CPR works?


How does CPR works?

Phase 1: Evaluation


STEP 1: Needs Analysis


The process of asking looks to clearly understand customers' current position, identify the available opportunities to achieve the desired position and to define which obstacles are in the way.

This process is important to form the team that will work together and to define the resources needed.

STEP 2: Form the Team


A team that combines customers´ talent and experience and Grupo Kopar is formed. It´s size may vary depending on the project and the time required to accomplish it, it gathers engineering, manufacturing and finance experts.


Phase 2: Diagnosis

In this phase, Machines and customer processes are analyzed by the team, looking for opportunities to accelerate progress and achieve goals.

STEP 3: Machinery Review


The team conducts a thorough review of the customer´s machines and processes to find every possible opportunity. For example, if the objective is to increase profit by producing more parts using the same machines, the team will look for opportunities to reduce downtimes, maintenance and increase the machine efficiency.

STEP 4: Building the CPR report

The team quantifies each cost reduction opportunity and a letter A,B or C is assigned to represent the ease of implementation:

  • AEasy to implement ((Ex. Drop-in replacement)
  • BIntermediate implementation (Ex. Components replacement with minimal machine modification)
  • CHard to implement (Ex. Components replacement needs bigger modifications in the machine)


At this phase the team presents their recommendations according to the customer challenges and a plan to follow up the progress.

STEP 5: Executive Summary Presentation


Team leaders present what they found to the customer, he will choose the most feasible opportunity according to their priorities and will select responsible for each tasks, sets action course, time limits and reference metrics to measure progress.


STEP 6: Follow

To keep everyone actively working in accordance with the priorities set out before, the team commits itself to establish regular meetings to monitor the work and refresh the process to make the necessary changes.



The CPR ® provides quantifiable metrics on cost reduction..

Cost of Downtime

Number of Failures: Length of Downtime (min): Hourly Production Value ($):

Scrap rate improvement

Existing Scrap Rate (%): New Scrap Rate (%): Number of products manufactured by year: Manufacturing cost of completed part ($):

Lowered Cost to Carry Inventory

Existing Inventory ($): Decrease by (%): *Formula figures in a 25% Cost to Carry which accounts for the % of the value of the inventory, rent, utilities, and insurance (i.e. overhead).

Success stories

Customers with Blow Molding machines reduced the preventive maintenances.

The largest manufacturers of PET bottles for the food industry in Mexico and the world are using French origin blow molding machines, this process is by far the most popular in the industry.

Blow molding of PET bottles requires very fast and accurate response times in all its components. There are machines that produce up to 2,000 bottles per hour (bph) per station, and in Mexico we've seen machines up to 28 stations producing the incredible amount of 56,000 bph.

Our products proved to be the best option and exceeded customers' expectations in applications such as stretch molding, nozzle and pilotage of high pressure valves. The value could be reflected in the price, but especially in savings related with fewer failures, scrap and downtimes due the high tolerance to contaminated compressed air and fast response times, quick maintenance associated with a simpler and improved electrical and mechanical design that allows a drop-in replacement of valves and actuators.

These significant improvements were applied in many plants worldwide and due to these new preferences of the user base; the machines' manufacturer had to rewrite their preferences and set MAC and PHD as its new standards.


A manufacturer of diapers and personal care products, decreased significantly unscheduled downtime.

A diapers and personal care products manufacturing plant had a significant decrease in unscheduled downtime, helping to fulfill the demanding production rate.

There are many applications, but the adhesive dosification in diapers was one of the most challenging, there were problems related with speed and repetitively to apply it in the application, this used to be a big problem when a pneumatic valves was stuck, leading to scrap generation and downtime.

To solve this issue our sales representative along with the brand Specialist, configured a pneumatic valve with unique features that exceeded customers´ expectations, the fastest and most repetitive solenoid valve on the market. MAC Valves has been positioned through the years as the standard in adhesive dosification, to create valves with specific features for such applications, technological developments is one of their pillars and business philosophy.

The solution achieved savings by reducing more than 16 unscheduled downtime and improving the scrap rate in their production lines, helping our customer to achieve their production goals.


Machine efficiency increased in a customer related with Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry.

A Medical-Pharmaceutical customer was having problems in the glass syringes manufacturing process. Good quality products were being rejected and considered scrap, unscheduled downtime due to solenoid valve failures were constant and the hard wiring was very vulnerable to high temperature glass. When they had failures, it was very difficult to find the problem so the corrective maintenance was extensive.

The sales representative along with two brand Specialists, configured a solution that involved MAC 92 series valves in an IP Ethernet protocol industrial network from Murrelektronik to reduce wiring and installation time.

The high speed response times of MAC Valves easily overcame the challenges on the rejecter’s precision and were much more tolerant to contaminants typically found in compressed air lines, eliminating unscheduled downtime. The Industrial network from Murrelektronik complemented the need for timely diagnosis of failure for a faster corrective and preventive maintenance.



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